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It all began in the summer of May 2005 when I was on the hunt for fanfictions featuring my favorite characters from the popular anime, Naruto. During my search, I stumbled upon a beautifully designed website hosted on Freewebs. This discovery opened my eyes to the fact that anyone could create their own website, inspiring me to start my own on bravenet.com.

Driven by my desire to find similar designs, I eventually came across a website called Kaiyosei, which offered various layouts and graphics. This was my first exposure to a graphics site, and after downloading one of their layouts, known as div layouts back then, I eagerly started studying HTML. To my surprise, within minutes, I successfully implemented the layout on my website, fueling my enthusiasm to explore more designs.

In October 2005, I encountered a pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop 7 in a mall, and with my mother's help, I acquired it. I delved into learning the software and began creating graphics like avatars. As I familiarized myself with the Imageready feature of Photoshop, I designed my first layout. My passion for web design only grew stronger as I continued practicing and refining my skills.

Following my journey, I joined Crescent Dreams, a website that provided graphics and layouts, as a dedicated staff member. Sadly, the site eventually closed down, but my thirst for knowledge and creativity remained unquenched. I found myself becoming part of Blue Sky Designs, where I dived into learning PHP includes by studying the codes used by Joe. This endeavor also introduced me to WordPress, expanding my horizons and the possibilities for web design.

As time passed, the internet landscape evolved, with the rise of iPhones and the standardization of web designing. To stay current with the latest trends, I transitioned into becoming a UI UX Designer, ensuring I stayed relevant in the ever-changing digital world.

Recently, I stumbled upon a personal website that evoked nostalgic memories of my early days in 2005, rekindling my creative spirit. I realized how much I missed the simplicity and freedom of the internet during that time. The web was a place where individuals' creativity thrived, separate from the monopolization by big businesses and social media platforms. It was an era of anonymity and quirky usernames, free from the prying eyes of intrusive algorithms.

The internet has drastically changed since then. Maybe, I was yearning for the return of the spirit of Web 1.0 and the freedom, anonymity, and spaces untainted by corporate greed and advertising algorithms. This is why I have started this website, cherishing the essence of a simpler internet era.